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MOBIDERM autofit

MOBIDERM autofit (Compression Garments)

Adjustable mobilizing garments for edema


The MOBIDERM autofit garments are designed to mobilize edematous or indurated subcutaneous tissues.

They are intended for the treatment of lymphedema in maintenance phase for day at rest and night to maintain the volume reduction. The standard, self-adjustable garment adapts to most of patient’s individual body shape and evolution overtime.

They are available in multiple models:

  • For upper limb: MOBIDERM autofit armsleeve with mitten; 
  • For lower limb: MOBIDERM autofit below-knee or thigh-high.

For which patients?

MOBIDERM autofit garments are recommended for patients presenting:

  • Mild to moderate lymphedema;
  • Regular or non-regular limb shape;
  • Stable or evolutive edema.

Mechanism of action

The MOBIDERM autofit garments incorporate MOBIDERM technology that is made up of foam blocks encased between two non-woven bandages. Due to the difference in pressure it creates between the support area of the blocks and their surrounding area, it helps stimulate the flow of lymphatic fluid and optimizes drainage efficacy(1)(3).

MOBIDERM technology, made of foam cubes



  • Outer layer: polyester, polyamide, elastane;
  • Inner layer along the leg/arm: adhesive non-woven, polyurethane foam (15 x 15 mm blocks);
  • Inner layer foot/hand level: adhesive non-woven, polyethylene foam (5 x 5 mm blocks).

Color: beige

(1) Todd – Mobiderm Autofit: an adjustable sleeve that enables patients to self-manage lymphedema – Chronic edema – April 2018 – Page 6 
(2) Please refer to the Instructions for Use of the product for the full list of components
(3) Mestre – Interest of an auto-adjustable night-time compression sleeve (MOBIDERM Autofit) in maintenance phase of upper limb lymphedema: the MARILYN pilot RCT – Support Care Cancer (25:2455-2462) – 2017

MOBIDERM autofit is a medical device. 
All the products mentioned here are class I medical devices, CE marked according to the European Regulation 2017/745 on medical devices. Please read carefully the instructions for use, indications and contraindications of the product.
Availability of these products might vary from a given country or region to another. Photos: Studio Caterin.

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