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Mobiderm Method of Treatment

What is Mobiderm?

Mobiderm is a complete care system used for the treatment of oedema (swelling) 

It has been designed to be used for Lymphoedema but works on all forms of oedema. This could be from trauma or post-operation. 


Works by

1. Stimulating the lymphatic vessels to remove the lymphatic load.

2. Reduces rebound by activating the initial lymphatic vessels 

3. Reduces filtration

4. Softens fibrosis


1. Easy to Use 5. Reusable - Washable 
2. Highly Adaptable  6. Less is More Effect 
3. Faster Reduction 7. Patient autonomy (easier to self bandage )
4.Easier to move - lighter to wear  8. Cost-Effective


How does it work?

Creates a pressure differential between the supporting zone and the surrounding area.

Combined with muscle volume variation triggers a sheer effect in the subcutaneous tissues.

Why is it unique?

Most products compress = reduction of filtration
Mobiderm stimulates initial lymphatics
= removal of lymph load + reduction of filtration

What is Mobiderm used for? 


in the treatment of Lymphoedema

This is the initial time after diagnoses or a lapse in treatment where there is a possibility to reduce the swelling.
For reduction, we use a 4 layered bandaging technique. 
1. Cotton Short Stretch Bandage creates a shearing effect and protects the skin
2. Mobiderm  (15mm x 15mm blocks for limbs) (5mm x 5mm blocks for on top of hands or feet)

3. Flexideal Short Stretch Bandage ( Light compression)

4. Biflex 16+ or 17+ Medium Stretch Bandage (Higher compression)



1. COTTON Cover the limb with a cotton bandage in a spiral

2. MOBIDERM Cover the limb ensuring no gaps in a spiral single layer 

3. FLEXIDEAL Cover the mobiderm in a spiral half cover overlap

4. BIFLEX 16+ or 17+ Cover the flexideal following the bandage markings 




Bandage with 4 layers in the morning and leave on all-day 


Remove the 4th layer Biflex 16+ or 17+

Sleep with the first 3 layers


Depending on the severity of lymphoedema swelling but at least 3- 5 days

Review swelling and determine if you require a longer treatment time maybe another 3- 5 days. 

This treatment is best performed under the supervision of a qualified lymphoedema therapist.

To find a therapist please refer to LANA in USA and ALA in Australia 

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What do you do once the swelling has been reduced and you are in the Management Phase?


in the treatment of Lymphoedema.

Once the swelling has been reduced you must wear

Daytime Compression Garments (Class 2)

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Night Time Compression Garments (Class 1)

Nighttime Maintenance 

View SleevesSocks or Stockings

It has been found that wearing nighttime garments at the management phase reduces the rebound of the swelling and improves the overall outcome of the patient's condition. 

This is explained in the following studies 






Please contact us if you have further questions or if you require help with choosing the correct garment or size. 


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