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Biflex Self Adjust Wrap System



  • The pressure applied on a limb by an inelastic bandage foster venous and lymphatic returns and improve tissue drainage. 
  • The good pressure level is ensured by tightening and loosening each bandage and thanks to a graduation indicating the pressure level. 
  •  The device is quick and easy to put on and take off. The “velcro” system, which allows adjustment, also constitutes another benefit for the patient since it is no longer necessary to redo the bandage to reduce the pressure or the adapter to reduce the volume of the limb. In fact, the wrap is designed to accommodate an increase of 5% or a decrease of 10% in the circumference of the limb. In addition, the correct pressure delivered is guaranteed for the entire duration of wearing the system. 
  • The wrap promotes patient empowerment with greater adherence and compliance to treatment. It also improves the quality of life of people suffering from lymphedema. Finally, it also saves health professionals time when setting up the device.

Biflex Self adjust was developed to treat efficiently and with an optimal  comfort all kinds of oedemas:


  • The good pressure level on the limb and the reproductivity of the fitting for the HCP and the patient himself  is ensured by the patented pressure adjuster.  The pressure adjuster is directly integrated to the product.
  • The design was chosen to have a complete covering of the limb and avoid oedemas migration.


  • The material was chosen to improve the comfort: the open cell foam allows moisture transfer.
  • Easy to donning and doffing thanks to the integrated loop and an optimized number of bandages.


  • patented pressure adjuster wrap compression thuasne mobiderm
  • patented pressure adjuster compression mobiderm Thuasne
  • leg size guide for wrap patented compression pressure adjusterpatented pressure adjuster wrap compression mobiderm thuasne


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