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A New Solution to Musculoskeletal Trauma



 “Get Better Faster”

Treatment for Acute Ankle & Knee Oedema

A solution to manage excessive or non-resolving oedema (swelling) and even preventing an expected level of oedema in situations that typically develops after Total Knee Joint Replacement or in trauma of the knee and ankle. 


Why is Mobiderm® Unique?

Unlike traditional compression used in swelling which works via compression to reduce filtration in the lymphatic system, Mobiderm® stimulates the initial lymphatic vessels whilst also providing compression which results in removal of lymphatic load & reduction of filtration.

What is Mobiderm®?

Mobiderm®  is an innovative product designed for the treatment of venolymphatic oedema and is a complete care system.

Mobiderm® works on all forms of oedema. This could be from musculoskeletal trauma or post surgery. Mobiderm® has been marketed in Australia for the past 10 years as a treatment for Lymphoedema but was designed for all forms of oedema originally. 

It is applied in a 3 layered system of either taping or bandaging

How does Mobiderm® work?


Mobiderm® reduces oedema by mobilising the subcutaneous tissues

MOBIDERM® provides a pressure differential between the pressed zone and its periphery, which causes a shearing effect and mobilisation of the subcutaneous tissues concerned.

This provides:

Stimulation of the lymphatic system

Drainage of hematomas

Treatment of oedema & reduction of rebound oedema

Relaxation of fibrotic tissue

Decrease in inflammation and pain therefore increase in load and ROM

 Mobiderm’s® structure made up blocks of open cell foam cubes encased on the non-woven material. The cubes are positioned mostly pointing on their edge which makes it possible to create compression gradients between adjoining areas with an alternating compression/decompression effect on application.

Due to the law of fluid dynamics, this induces displacement of the oedema from a higher-pressure zone to a lower pressure zone, with an action on venular reabsorption. This phenomenon is beneficial since bandaging with Mobiderm®, combined with a programme of exercises, can promote the macrophagic proteolysis mechanism, with fragmentation of the protein accumulation and, consequently, its reabsorption.

Mobiderm® creates multi directional corridors of circulation, like the organisation of the lymphatic system (fishing net) therefore a quicker and more efficient reach of the lymphatic capillaries and collectors. 


Easy to Use
Highly Adaptable
Faster Reduction of oedema
Easy to move in - lighter to wear
Reusable - Washable
Patient autonomy (able to self-bandage)
Cost Effective


Where to use Mobiderm®

Mobiderm® can be used ANYWHERE you can either apply the 3 layered taping or bandaging system or the Autofit Garments.

The 2 most common applications of Mobiderm® are

Bandaging for the knee

Taping for the ankle  

The following videos & PDF guides will show you how to use the Mobiderm® system to bandage the knee & tape the ankle



 Mobiderm® Bandaging of the Knee Video

Biplast® Taping of the Ankle Video 

Mobiderm® Bandaging of the Knee PDF Guide

Biplast® Taping of the Ankle PDF Guide


Mobiderm® Autofit garments can be more suitable and cost effective for longer term management of oedema or in the surgical setting.  They are a purpose built garment that are washable and are simply applied by the patient themselves, by doing up Velcro tabs

We have two PDF guides available on their use:

Foot & Ankle Autofit Guide

Knee Autofit Guide


Earlier this year we hosted a webinar series on the use of Mobiderm® 


Our Mobiderm® and Trauma Webinar goes into detail the application of Mobiderm® in musculoskeletal trauma and orthopaedic surgery.  It includes the clinical case studies we’re currently involved with using Mobiderm® in pre & post total knee replacement and be viewed here 


Mobiderm Bandages are all reusable for multiple applications (same client)

BiPlast tape and Protective underwrap can only be used once 

We have put together 2 Packs to get you started but all components can be purchased separately. 

Delivery is free for all orders  



Mobiderm Trauma Pack Knee 

This Pack consists of 

1 x Cotton Short Stretch Bandage 11cm x 4m

1 x Roll of Mobiderm® 15mm x 15mm Blocks 10cm x 3m bandage 

1 x Biflexideal Short Stretch Compression Bandage 8cm x 5m 


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Mobiderm Trauma Pack Ankle 

This Pack consists of 

1 x Stretch Foam Protective Underwrap 7cm x 27m

1 x Biplast Adhesive Bandage 10cm x 2.5m

1 x Biplast Adhesive Bandage 3cm x 2.5m

1 x Mobiderm® 5mm x 5mm Blocks 25 x 25 cm 


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