Veno Elegance Sleeve with Silicone Anti Slip

Veno Elegance Sleeve with Silicone Anti Slip

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Veno Elegance compression sleeve combines the best possible medical care with superb comfort. It does not cause patients any allergic reactions. The selected materials are soft and skin friendly.


Veno Elegance sleeves are suitable for the following indications:

  • Soft indentable lymphoedema (stage I)
  • Arm oedema following breast cancer surgery and radiotherapy
  • Post-surgery and post-traumatic oedema


  • Advanced peripheral artery occlusive disease
  • Decompensated cardiac insufficiency
  • Septic phlebitis
  • Phlegmasia coerulea dolens

 Further relative contraindications include:

  • Weeping dermatoses
  • Compression material intolerance
  • Paraesthesia
  • Advanced peripheral neuropathy
  • Primary chronic polyarthritis


Elegant and soft tube knit compression sleeve containing microfibre.

Extremely comfortable

Sleeve  with Anti-Slip

Available with or without mitten attached.

Class II Compression 23 – 32 mm HG. 

Helpful hints for putting on the sleeve

Pull the compression sleeve on in the morning when you get up as your arm will not yet have started swelling, i.e. the circumference is at its smallest. Wearing household gloves helps when pulling the sleeve on as they can grip the knit fabric more firmly than mere hands.

Pull the sleeve over the relevant hand. Do not drag it up your arm by pulling on the edge. Use your other hand to stroke the sleeve upwards from your forearm up to your shoulder to ensure the knit fabric is evenly spread up your arm.

Taking off the sleeve is also easier if you wear rubber gloves. Grip the sleeve at the top edge and carefully peel it down.

Washing and care instructions

Wash your compression sleeves as often as possible in lukewarm, mild soapy water that is no hotter than 40°C. Use mild detergent. After washing, rinse the knit fabric thoroughly in clear water. Lay the sleeve between two towels and press to remove excess moisture. Do not wring the compression sleeve – you will damage it! Hang the sleeve in a well-ventilated, shaded area to dry. Once dry, you can iron the knit fabric at a moderate setting beneath a damp cloth.


The compression sleeve is designed solely for use under the supervision of a doctor and for the relevant medical indications. Please consult your doctor if you start feeling worse or you experience unpleasantness when wearing the sleeve.

 Please handle your compression sleeve with care when putting it on and taking it off. Avoid sharp fingernails, over-stretching the material and any contact with grease, cream or oil.

 This medical device is intended for the treatment of a single patient. To guarantee its effectiveness and for reasons of hygiene, it may not be passed on to other patients.

 Length of use

If treated properly, compression sleeves remain medically effective over the full 6 month period of use. If necessary, your doctor should then prescribe a new sleeve. If, however, your body size changes significantly, you should consult your doctor.


 Store the compression sleeve away from the following harmful influences: strong sunlight, severe heat, cream, oil, grease, stain remover, petroleum and aggressive detergents.

 Material composition

 67% polyamide microfiber, 33% elastane