Mobiderm® Autofit Thigh High Stocking

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Self-adjustable ambidextrous thigh high stocking

Mobiderm® Autofit Thigh High Stocking has been developed to continue mobilising oedema during the night, thereby reinforcing the effects of day time treatment.

  • Rapid application
  • An unintrusive and discreet treatment - works during sleep without disturbing it
  • A unique night-time treatment - Helps preserve effects achieved by day-time compression
  • Anti-slip material on the sole of the foot to avoid slipping

Main components:
Outer layer of the garment: 59% polyamide, 41% elastane
Mobiderm along the leg: Adhesive non-woven, polyurethane foam (15 x 15mm cubes)
Mobiderm foot level: Adhesive non-woven, polyethylene foam (5 x 5mm cubes)

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