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Mobiderm® Autofit Thigh High Stocking

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Self-adjustable ambidextrous thigh high stocking

Mobiderm® Autofit Thigh High Stocking has been developed to continue mobilising oedema during the night, thereby reinforcing the effects of day time treatment.

  • Rapid application
  • An unintrusive and discreet treatment - works during sleep without disturbing it
  • A unique night-time treatment - Helps preserve effects achieved by day-time compression
  • Anti-slip material on the sole of the foot to avoid slipping

Main components:
Outer layer of the garment: 59% polyamide, 41% elastane
Mobiderm along the leg: Adhesive non-woven, polyurethane foam (15 x 15mm cubes)
Mobiderm foot level: Adhesive non-woven, polyethylene foam (5 x 5mm cubes)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
My leg is normal sized again!

I have had my Autofit stocking for only a week. My leg is back to normal size for the first time in a YEAR!!. I have spent thousands on various compression products and nothing has worked to bring down the swelling. Mobiderm bandages are great, but this is even better. So easy to put on and so comfortable..

Christine Syme
It travels with me

Despite the problems I generally have with air travel and heat, due to my issues with secondary lymphoedema, this Mobiderm leg garment offers me a way to reduce swelling and manage a comfortable sleep. Thankyou

Excellent Product

I love my Mobiderm Autofit Thigh Highs the ankle swelling is going down along with my ankle cuffs. The fibrotic areas are becoming increasingly soft. They are an excellent product.

Jill Riggall
Just brilliant

I recently purchased the Mobiderm thigh high auto fit. It is so easy to put on. I no longer have to struggle with bandaging. This product is brilliant, it has significantly reduced swelling in my leg. I wear the the auto fit at night.

Thank you for your review , I'm happy to hear that our product is assisting you to reduce swelling and make you more comfortable