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Looking good in a compression sock? Yes it can happen!

by Sarah Gill

When most people think of a compression sock, a thick, dowdy, difficult to wear garment often comes to mind.  Encouraging patients to wear compression can at times be one of the more difficult tasks of the practitioner’s day.  

Often I have patients say to me “Compression socks, I think my Grandma wears those, I don’t want to wear them”. Or “Compression socks, I’ve tried them; I’ve got three pairs in my draw at home that I can’t get on”.

Though compression wear is essential for those who have venous or lymphatic disorders, we can all benefit from wearing compression during our day. Today with the use of modern technology in weaving and fabrics we now have more attractive and pleasant to wear socks available, like the Venoflex Micro. A plus for me is that the yarns in these socks are also Ecotek certified, which confirms the human-ecological safety of the product.

For graduated compression to have its true enhancing effects, a specific decreasing amount of compression must be applied from the ankle to the knee and above. Special medical knitting machines are required to do this along with special testing to confirm the compression is just right. These garments are held to different standards than fashion & sport variations. In fact, wearing an extremely tight compression pant or legging that doesn’t have graduated compression can actually have the opposite effect on the leg’s circulation.

Compression socks come in a variety of support levels for different purposes. Some versions offer light support and are actually designed for preventative and general lifestyle applications – think travel, pregnancy, varicose veins, spider veins & more.  Venoflex Micro socks offer Class 2 compression (23mmHg-32mmHg) and as a microfiber stocking it adapts itself perfectly to the leg  and is particularly pleasant wearing and comfortable with donning and doffing made easy due to the silky soft material. These socks though designed specifically for therapeutic uses, are fashionable and easy to wear giving the needed support for every compression purpose.

 Colours and costs are often an issue for patients but I find that an option of black or caramel covers what most people need.  Also when you can purchase at a cost of only $49.50 in 6 different sizes (plus 2 different lengths) you can easily select an item for your patient. You can choose closed or open-toe.

It sounds simple – but an easy to wear, fashionable compression sock offers a remedy for and gives results for those with tired legs, heaviness, fatigue, venous and lymphatic disorders. So let’s wear compression, get our patients to wear compression and look good doing it see the full Mobiderm and Compression sock range.

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