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Venoflex Micro AD Below Knee Compression Socks BLACK

Venoflex Micro AD Below Knee Compression Socks BLACK

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VENOFLEX Micro is a microfibre compression sock. It adapts perfectly to the leg thanks to its anatomical structure. VENOFLEX Micro guarantees a particularly pleasant wearing comfort. Putting it on and taking it off is easier and faster than usual compression socks thanks to the silky soft material. Includes sock aid.

Class 2 German Compression (23-32mmHg)

Colour BLACK

RAL Certified 

VENOFLEX Micro skin friendly with a flat seam.

VENOFLEX Micro are made with an edged Y heel and open and closed toes.

VENOFLEX Micro contain a sock aid in order to help you put on the Thuasne product 

VENOFLEX Micro are functional and beautiful socks for the fashion and health conscious person.