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Mobiderm® Standard OTS Glove

Mobiderm® Standard OTS Glove

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Best solution for hand and finger oedema

The Mobiderm® lining is soft against the skin and its massaging effect helps to:

  • Soften fibrotic oedema
  • Stimulate lymphatic draining
  • Soften scar tissue

Made with softer synthetic (59% polyamide 41% elastane)

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Kym Stanley

Too tight for me despite doing the correct measurements, seems like a wonderful product but is cutting off circulation so I won’t be able to use it.
Also I paid for express shipping and it still took a week to get to me in Perth.

Julie H
Great product

I have been using the Mobiderm glove for Lymphodema for many years and it really helps.

Thanks for the review Julie
Im glad we can help

Very Effective

I’ve been buying and wearing OTS sleeves and gloves for years now. I believe they’re the main reason my oedema (from lymphoedema) has remained soft, fluid & manageable. I also use the Mobiderm Auto-fit sleeve and bandaging products.

Thank you for the review.
Great to hear it has helped with your oedema and has softened your fibrosis.