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Mobiderm Road Show 2023

During the Month of March, we visited a few places and connected with the clients and therapists involved in the management of Lymphoedema. 

Shine a light

Starting with a day in the city of Sydney Mercure Hotel


Tamworth NSW for the Lymphoedema Association of Australia's first meeting, providing a new platform for a national patient group for people with Lymphoedema. Their mission is : To ensure people living with lymphoedema get the information, treatment and support they need to live well, regardless of where they live. For more information, here

Lymphoedema Association of Australia

We also went to Adelaide for LASA information day, which included three speakers at the cancer council's new purpose built building supporting cancer patients in SA 
Your lymphatics and self-care, what’s really happening?
Indocyanine Green (ICG) Mapping
Last but not least, we attended the Swell Therapies Lymphoedema Awareness
Expo organised by Emily Muldoon
All the presentation days were very successful in sharing the knowledge of the treatment and management of Lymphoedema with consumers and therapists in the industry.
Medical Rehab Pty Ltd and Thuasne would like to thank all the organisers of these very informative days.