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Compression therapy is one of the non-invasive methods used in the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases, including venous thrombosis, chronic venous insufficiency, and lymphoedema.
Its essence is controlled compression of appropriate intensity, the source of which are various compression products - tights, knee-length socks and stockings, and bandages. What else should you know about compression therapy?


Women's Socks 

Women's Socks +size calf 

Women's Stockings

Women's Tights

Women Maternity and wider hips tights 

Men's Socks 

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The semi opaque range

Broad range of sizes 

Soft mesh in opaque micofiber

Flat seams 

Reinforced heel & foot arch

Instep shaping 

Machine washable.

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15 - 20mmHg

20-36 mmHg

The semi opaque range 

A broad palette of sizes (calf+ hips+) 

Soft mesh in opaque microfiber

Flat seams 

Reinforced heel and foot arch

Instep shaping 

Anatomical calf shape

Machine washable 


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