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Using Mobiderm as a diagnostic tool in your practice

by Sarah Gill

When a patient walks into your clinic room for the first time, encouraging them to see the benefits of treatment for their lymphoedema can be a challenge.  Whether patients have had long term lymphoedema or have developed it recently, directing them to an intervention of a bandaging sequence or purchasing Mobiderm Autofit Sleeve can be difficult, especially when they have not experienced the benefits of these products in their treatment. Patients may also not know where the areas of lymphoedema are more present in their limb, what fibrosis feels like or what the physical sensation of reduction of fluid can be. This is where the Mobiderm bandaging System can be utilised as a diagnostic tool for both you and your patient during clinic practice time.

For a patient with arm lymphoedema the materials you require are: Cotton Bandage Short Stretch, Mobiderm roll -15m-x15mm blocks, Biflex bandage16+.

The method described below can be seen on this link: 

Mobiderm application_in_treatment_time

  1. Cut the cotton bandage to open it up as a tube and pull it over the arm cutting a whole for the thumb. If the patient has sensitive skin use two tubes.
  2. Spiral the Mobiderm roll form the hand up the arm ensuring there are not gaps.
  3. Bandage with the Biflex 16+ from the hand, continuing up the arm. Use the half cover indicator on the bandage and ensure that you only pull the bandage to the point where you see a square on the indicator.Click here to see the video – applying the Biflex Bandage.
  4. Continue with your standard clinical treatment eg. Manual Lymphatic Drainage sequences such as those done by Dr. Vodder therapists.
  5. At the end of these sequences remove the bandages from the patient.

When the bandages have been removed you can show and explain to your patient that the areas where the indentations from the Mobiderm squares are deeper are the areas where the lymphoedema is more present in the arm.  The areas where the squares are not as deep the lymphoedema is not as present.  This information can be used to assist the patient in where to perform self lymphatic drainage or fibrosis techniques as part as their on-going management plan.  The patient will also usually feel a lightness in their limb, this information can be used to direct them to what the benefits of a  3 day Mobiderm bandaging sequence would be or how the combination of a Mobiderm autofit sleeve or Veno elegance daytime arm sleeve could improve their lymphoedema.


Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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