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How does Mobiderm work? It’s use on chest wall and breast oedema.

by Sarah Gill

MOBI = Mobilise DERM = Dermis

Mobiderm is comprised of open-cell foam in an adhesive non-woven fabric and can be purchased in two different sizes 15mm x 15mm blocks for the limb and torso and 5mm x 5mm blocks for the hand/foot and areas of scar tissue build up. When two areas of pressure are placed on the Mobiderm (think bandages/compressive material & muscle movement) a shear effect (foam squares move down and across simultaneously) is created. This shear effect mobilises the skin which pulls on the collagen fibers stimulating the opening of the initial lymphatic vessels.  It also creates a pressure differential in the interstitial tissues. Click here to see the video on how Mobiderm works.

Most products just compress which reduces the rate of filtration. Mobiderm not only reduces filtration it also stimulates the lymphatic system. The initial lymphatic vessel (figure 1) Is stimulated by the sheer effect of the Mobiderm opening to draw in the odematis fluid (figure 2) this starts the peristaltic reaction in the collector lymph vessels (figure 3) and lymphangion stimulation as the system is loaded (figure 4)


Figure 1 

Figure 2 

Figure 3 

Figure 4 

So how does this help us reduce oedema in the breast and chest wall?

When the 15mm x 15mm blocks are placed over the area of oedema on the breast or chest wall the shear effect of the Mobiderm starts to stimulate the lymphatics when compression is introduced through either:



The 15mm x 15mm squares are most effective due to the amount of subcutaneous tissue in this area.  If the patient has a fibrotic scar a small strip of the 5mm x 5mm Mobiderm between the bra and skin has been shown to soften the scar.

The adaptability of Mobiderm allows you to treat your patients successfully, reducing their oedema and support their lymphatic system. 


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