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Thuasne Bande Mousse – when something so simple can make such a difference.


By Helen Eason

I attended the Lymphoedema Academy training by Professor Jean-Paul Belgrado and Jane Wigg in Melbourne back in May 2017.  The whole ethos of this training is to use the developing evidence gained from Jean-Paul’s Indocyanine Green Imaging studies of the lymphatics in real time to teach a new evidence based medical lymphatic drainage technique and treatment concept.

During the course, fibrosis treatment methods, the foams used to break up fibrosis, and manage oedema with increased compression, were discussed.

Jean-Paul has found through ICG that textured foams push fluid in multi-directional ways – up, down, laterally. They move the proteins and fluid around helping dispersal through the initial lymphatic system until the oedema can be eventually massaged or compressed towards a working collector vessel. Of course, we all wanted to know which was Jean-Paul’s preferred foam from his findings and waited with baited breath, pens at the ready to scribble down the answer, which was …..

Thuasne Bande Mousse

We all looked at each other – what was this magic product? No one had heard of it.

You know the yellow foam by Thusane? he said

Blank faces all around. How had this magic product basically bypassed us all. I was straight on the phone to Jenni the next morning. Yes, she had this magic product and she confirmed no one in Australia really purchased it. When she told me a roll was only $18.75 I was blown away – that was much more economical than the foam I was currently using.

The magic package arrived at the practice and we all were eager to see this new amazing product. When we opened the box, there was the magic yellow foam.


“Really, is that it?” we all exclaimed as we passed the roll around. We thought it would be some kind of highly technical memory foam, but ok I thought – lets put this economical soft foam to trial.

I had a couple of clients with really fibrotic breast oedema that were using compression bras with rival foams and self-massage but still refilling quickly after sessions of therapist MLD. They were my initial guinea pigs who both came back with less refill using Bande Mousse. Both found the foam very comfortable and liked how it conformed better to their body so it was less bulky and not so noticeable, improving adherence to use and self confidence when wearing.

I’ve used Bande Mousse or genital oedema, head and neck oedema, hand and feet dorsums, you name it. You can use a whole roll for your padding layer under traditional multilayered bandaging. It works a treat and is durable too. It’s my go to foam now and I still can’t believe how economical it is.

It just goes to show, just like we shouldn’t judge people by their looks, we shouldn’t judge products that don’t look super flashy. I’ve certainly learned that from this simple yellow foam that has earned a place in my oedema toolbox.


Emulsified latex foam bandage (8 mm thickness)

  • Permeable to air, limits the risks of wound maceration
  • Soft, flexible & elastic – adapts to any irregularities of the skin surface
  • Beveled cut allows for overlapping the bandage without making it too thick
  • Can be cut to make shapes suitable to the anatomical relief of the patients’ wounds
  • Can be sterilized in an autoclave.
  • Permeable to X-rays
  • Neutral pH
  • Washable

    The author Helen Eason is a UK trained physiotherapist with over 20 years experience in the management of chronic oedemas. She is a regular speaker on all things oedema and loves to “question everything”.

    Medical Rehab would like to thank Helen for reviewing this product 


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