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Mobiderm Bandages Kit and Online Training Course on Lymphoedeama Management and the use of Mobiderm Bandaging System

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This package consists of 

Mobiderm Bandaging System 

1 x CT3720 Mobiderm Bandage 15mm Blocks 10cm x 3m  

1 x CT3710 Mobiderm Sheet 5mm Block 25cm x 25 cm 

1 x CT0011 Cotton Bandage 

2 x CT1100 Flexideal 

1 x CT1600 Biflex 16+

1 x CT20000110CM  Biplast tape 10cm 

1 x CT2000013CM Biplast tape 3cm

1 x CT5507 Protective Mouse

(This quantity of bandage will be suitable to a full arm or below knee treatment and taping of the hand or foot with Biplast tape)

Online Training Course 

Consisting of 5 modules this online training course is ideal for those who live in remote Australia, and/or are unable to attend a full day workshop.  You have 3 months to complete the course at your own pace. The final module consists of personal training sessions via Skype or Zoom 

Module 1:

  • The lymphatic system and lymphoedema (an overview)
  • What is Mobiderm
  • How the Mobiderm anti-oedema solution works.

Module 2:

  • The reduction phase - bandaging for arm or leg
  • Hand and foot application including Biplast taping

Module 3:

  • Head and neck application
  • Genital applications
  • Torso applications

Module 4:

  • Mobiderm garments
  • Management phase
  • Case studies

Module 5:

  • Comparison of other products
  • Skype training and assessment


Continual Professional Development Points Available from ALA