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CASE STUDY 1 Reduction of Lymphoedema in Paralysed Arm using Mobiderm® Bandaging and Garment

CASE STUDY 2 Patient Empowerment: A Case Study Demonstrating its Importance in Improving Lymphoedema Management

CASE STUDY 3 Mrs T: Mobiderm® and Debulking Surgery

CASE STUDY 4 - Mobiderm® Sleeve

CASE STUDY 5 Mobiderm® Bandaging with Complex Patient

CASE STUDY 6 - Resection Surgery

CASE STUDY 7 Mobiderm® Application in Treatment Time

CASE STUDY 8 - Mobiderm® Self Bandaging

CASE STUDY 9 - The French Self-Bandaging Technique in Lymphoedema Treatment

CASE STUDY 10 - POLIT - A Prospective multicenter Observational cohort study of Lymphœdema decongestIve Therapy 

CASE STUDY 11 - Lymphedema Solutions Enhancing Patients’ Autonomy MARILYN TRIAL

CASE STUDY 12Use of Mobiderm® Bandaging System for Severe Lower Limb Lymphoedema

NEW CASE STUDY 13 - Clinical use of a Night-Time MOBIDERM Garment as a Treatment 

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